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Help Products for Weak Hands

Trouble turning on the tap or opening a jar? You're not alone. Browse our wide range of Help Products for Weak Hands, specially designed for arthritic hands.

Having arthritis doesn't necessarily mean you will be restricted in your day-to-day activities there is a wide variety of simple and practical home care and lifestyle aids available, designed to help reduce pain associated with your arthritis and improve your comfort, safety and ability to carry out tasks as well as hand grip exercises to increase weak the strength in weak hands.

But, sometimes hand grip exercises just aren't enough and we need a little bit of extra help for tasks that require hand or grip strength beyond our ability.

That's where Aids for Daily Livings Help Products for Weak Hands come in. We have all sorts of different aids to help you turn, twist, open, pull and reach allowing you to maintain your independence in the kitchen and around the home.

Our Help Products for Weak Hands have been carefully selected, choosing only the products that will better your grip and improve your lifestyle. In this section you will find can openers, tap turners, kettle tippers and much more

Scroll below for our full range of Help Products for Weak Hands and take a step towards independent living.

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  • Non-Slip Compression Gloves

    Non-Slip Compression Gloves

    The gloves provide warmth to help reduce pain.
    only $15.90
  • Security Stamp

    Security Stamp

    A simple and essential tool in fraud prevention.
    only $16.90
  • Theraputty


    Ideal for exercising hands that suffer from pain and stiffness.
    only $19.90
  • Compression Gloves

    Compression Gloves

    This uses the skin's natural heat to increase circulation and create a massaging effect.
    only $14.90
  • Grab Reacher

    Grab Reacher

    This grabber helps eliminate the need for bending or straining.
    only $19.90
  • Electric Can Opener

    Electric Can Opener

    Just place the opener on the can, push the button and it will travel around the lid all by itself.
    only $22.00
  • 4 in 1 Bottle Opener

    4 in 1 Bottle Opener

    Opens cans, caps, jars and bottles without the struggle and strain on your hands.
    only $10.90
  • Jar Opener Handle

    Jar Opener Handle

    Now it's simple to remove even the most stubborn of lids from any jar.
    only $12.90
  • Cordless Kettle Tipper

    Cordless Kettle Tipper

    It takes the strain out of lifting heavy kettles, perfect for arthritis sufferers.
    only $89.90
  • Nail Clippers

    Nail Clippers

    Clip your fingernails easily and safely.
    only $12.90
  • Easy Grip Can Opener

    Easy Grip Can Opener

    The clever J-hook design means much less effort is needed to open these often tricky cans.
    only $6.90
  • Magnetic Gloves

    Magnetic Gloves

    Help ease aching hands with these magnetic gloves.
    only $19.90
  • Easy Key Turner

    Easy Key Turner

    Turn keys easily with the easy key turner.
    only $5.90
  • Static Duster for Ceiling Fans

    Static Duster for Ceiling Fans

    Cleaning ceiling fans is easy with this long reach static duster.
    only $19.90
  • Arthritis Handle

    Arthritis Handle

    This handle enables the user to open any cupboard doors and drawers with ease.
    only $4.50
  • Elastic Laces

    Elastic Laces

    Elastic Shoe Laces - 6 Pairs
    only $12.90
  • Wrist Support

    Wrist Support

    The wrist brace helps to ease joint pain and discomfort.
    only $11.30

1-33 of 33 items

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