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  • Long Handle Bath Brush

    Long Handle Bath Brush

    Clean hard to reach places with ease
    Item No: BA102
  • Chamomile Stick

    Chamomile Stick

    For years the benefits of chamomile have been praised. A wild aromatic herb that’s been used medicinally for centuries and it’s now available as an effective eye treatment stick. When applied to puffy eyes, it helps soothe and reduce bagginess without leaving any greasy “shine”. It’s the natural way to a more refreshed looking appearance.
    Item No: AG196
  •  Foot Scrubber

    Foot Scrubber

    16 Reviews
    This thoroughly cleans and revives your feet with no bending or twisting
    Item No: BA69
  • Easy Grip Long Reach Toe Nail Cutter

    Easy Grip Long Reach Toe Nail Cutter

    3 Reviews
    Easy reach nail scissors
    Item No: BA20
  • Bamboo Charcoal Soap Set Of 3

    Bamboo Charcoal Soap Set Of 3

    5 Reviews
    Helps soothe and nurture dry rough skin and more!
    Item No: AG81
  • Diamond  Nail File

    Diamond Nail File

    This diamond dust nail file is strong enough to last a lifetime
    Item No: DA26
  • Ladies' Personal Groomer

    Ladies' Personal Groomer

    Forget the mess, hassle and pain of tweezing, waxing or electrolysis!
    Item No: AG42
  • Natural Skincare Moisturiser

    Natural Skincare Moisturiser

    This skin-saving formula has anti-ageing and moisturizing benefits for velvety soft skin
    Item No: BA60
  • Detox Foot Pads

    Detox Foot Pads

    Draw out toxins and impurities while you sleep
    Item No: AG39
  • Long Reach Body Care

    Long Reach Body Care

    Take the pain and hassle out of body care.
    Item No: BA27
  • Collagen Gel

    Collagen Gel

    Younger looking skin minutes
    Item No: AG80
  • Magnesium Oil Spray

    Magnesium Oil Spray

    Relax aching muscles!
    Item No: CP04

Personal Hygiene and Personal Care products

Personal Hygiene Products and Personal Care Products offers a wide range of assistive devices for personal grooming to help you achieve and maintain your independence.

As we age, many things can being to restrict our physical movement as we may not realise it, but many of us have physical limitations that make personal hygiene and grooming more difficult. Imagine not being able to brush your hair easily or reach your feet while showering or bathing.

Many people don't anticipate that personal hygiene and grooming will ever be a problem -- and they don't anticipate that there are solutions. But there are personal hygiene and personal care products designed to extend your reach and compensate for lost range of motion.

Aids for Daily Living offers trustworthy, secure online shopping for assistive devices for Personal hygiene, Personal care and Personal Grooming and that support independent living for the handicapped and disabled, seniors, or those with a medical condition or injury. We believe A well-designed, high quality assistive device should not only encourage independent living by making life easier and safer, it should be affordable as well.

Our Personal Hygiene and Personal Care products has been carefully selected, choosing only the products that will better your health and improve your lifestyle. In this section you will find specialty brushes, extended reach cleaners and devices made specialty for arthritic hands.

Shop Personal Hygiene and Personal Care products today.