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  • Lotion & Cream Applicator

    Lotion & Cream Applicator

    Wash and apply cream to hard to reach places!
    Item No: BA107
  • Toe Washer-Spare Pads (Pair)

    Toe Washer-Spare Pads (Pair)

    Spare pads for Long Handled Toe Washer
    Item No: BA105
  • Magnifying Clippers

    Magnifying Clippers

    Safely and accurately clip nails
    Item No: BA103
  • Aloe Vera Soap - 3 Pack

    Aloe Vera Soap - 3 Pack

    Nourish your skin with natural aloe Vera
    Item No: AG199
  • Bonetta Skin Toner

    Bonetta Skin Toner

    Refreshes sensitive skin
    Item No: CP11
  • Bonetta Anti-Ageing Reconstructive Night Cream

    Bonetta Anti-Ageing Reconstructive Night Cream

    A rich but soft natural night and hand cream
    Item No: CP09
  • Bonetta Moisturising Light Cream

    Bonetta Moisturising Light Cream

    Perfect for dry skin.
    Item No: CP08
  • Long Handle Bath Brush

    Long Handle Bath Brush

    Clean hard to reach places with ease
    Item No: BA102
  • Chamomile Stick

    Chamomile Stick

    For years the benefits of chamomile have been praised. A wild aromatic herb that’s been used medicinally for centuries and it’s now available as an effective eye treatment stick. When applied to puffy eyes, it helps soothe and reduce bagginess without leaving any greasy “shine”. It’s the natural way to a more refreshed looking appearance.
    Item No: AG196
  • Bathroom Suction Rail

    Bathroom Suction Rail

    5 Reviews
    Gain extra grip in the shower
    Item No: BA04
  • Non Slip Massaging Shower Mat

    Non Slip Massaging Shower Mat

    4 Reviews
    Thoroughly clean your feet without bending!
    Item No: BA80
  • Bunion Pad

    Bunion Pad

    Cushion your bunion for day-long comfort and support
    Item No: CT25

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Bathroom Aids

Aids for Daily Livings Bathroom Aids cover all the bathroom products you need for personal care and hygiene and to ensure you have adequate bathroom safety.

Having the right bathroom aids can guarantee you and your family piece of mind when you are bathing or showering, as they often make these somewhat difficult tasks safer and easier, not to mention help you to regain your independence. We focus in speciality grooming and hygiene care products as well as shower chairs, toilet aids, grab bars and other bathroom safety products.

These bathroom aids are an essential inclusion to any home looking make their house safer or equipped for aging in place - Bathroom safety is a very important factor to consider because the bathroom is one of the most dangerous areas in the home.

Our Bathroom Aids range has been carefully selected, choosing only the bathroom products that will better your health and hygiene and improve bathroom safety. In this section you will find;

Bathroom Safety - Products to assist you in bathing, showering and toileting safely, providing support, security and independence

Personal Hygiene - Products to help take the struggle out of day to day tasks that help you maintain your liberty and your dignity 

Shop Bathroom Aids at Aids For Daily Living.