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  • Curved Bristle Broom

    Curved Bristle Broom

    Easily Sweep Up On Any Surface
    Item No: GD25
  • Everlasting Pop Up Garden

    Everlasting Pop Up Garden

    Pop Up Garden Bag Makes Clean-Ups Easy
    Item No: GD24
  • AM/FM Radio

    AM/FM Radio

    Reduces crackle and interference!
    Item No: EL26
  • Roll N Grow Salad Veggies

    Roll N Grow Salad Veggies

    Simply roll and water for your own fresh salad garden!
    Item No: GD23

    Regular Price: $29.90

    Now $19.90

    33% OFF

  • Long Reach Weed Puller

    Long Reach Weed Puller

    Weed your garden without strenuous bending, kneeling or tugging
    Item No: AG31

    Regular Price: $24.90

    Now $12.45

    50% OFF

  • Garden Seat Kneeler With Organiser

    Garden Seat Kneeler With Organiser

    Save your back and knees when gardening!
    Item No: AG110
  • Heavy-Duty Shears

    Heavy-Duty Shears

    Effortless and powerful shears
    Item No: AG127
  • Long Reach Secateurs

    Long Reach Secateurs

    3 Reviews
    This will allow for quick and easy garden maintenance.
    Item No: AG23
  • No Bending Weeder

    No Bending Weeder

    6 Reviews
    Easily pulls weeds without bending
    Item No: AG99
  • Anywhere Torch

    Anywhere Torch

    100,000 hours of super bright light
    Item No: EL20
  • Emergency Escape Tool

    Emergency Escape Tool

    This emergency escape tool could be life-saving in case of a car accident, fire or flood.
    Item No: AG62

    Regular Price: $19.90

    Now $12.90

    35% OFF

  • Flower Grow Kit

    Flower Grow Kit

    Enjoy fresh flowers every day!
    Item No: GD06

Gardening & Outdoors

Gardening can be a relaxing and even therapeutic activity for people of all ages but it does have the potential to be physically demanding without the right garden products. Our range of gardening aids can help you to avoid strenuous bending, stretching and uncomfortable kneeling, making your time in the garden more comfortable and enjoyable and productive.

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