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  •  Men’s RFID Wallet

    Men’s RFID Wallet

    Item No: AG140
  • Super Mini Ear Amplifier

    Super Mini Ear Amplifier

    Never Miss Another Word!
    Item No: HE37

    Regular Price: $21.90

    Now $18.90

    14% OFF

  • Extra Wide Rear View Mirror

    Extra Wide Rear View Mirror

    7 Reviews
    Avoid accidents and near misses while changing lanes or reversing!
    Item No: AG52
  • Shower Stool

    Shower Stool

    3 Reviews
    Shower safely and in comfort
    Item No: BA47
  • Mens Open Back Polo Shirt - Cobalt

    Mens Open Back Polo Shirt - Cobalt

    Dress with ease with adaptive wear!
    Item No: ATW08
  • Foldable Self Standing Cane

    Foldable Self Standing Cane

    4 Reviews
    The pivoting head gives you much more stability than regular canes
    Item No: WW30
  • Brown Men’s Comfort Belt

    Brown Men’s Comfort Belt

    Forget belts that pinch and bind
    Item No: DA34
  • Gel Therapy Cushion

    Gel Therapy Cushion

    8 Reviews
    It conforms to your body's contours
    Item No: CC09
  • Card Guard

    Card Guard

    Say goodbye to bulky wallets! This slim card guard fits perfectly in your pants' pocket, shirt's pocket or purse. Sleek-looking, it's made from durable aluminium and features 6 expandable accordion sleeves that can hold your cash, ID and credit cards safely and securely. It even protects a card's magnetic strip from electronic theft!
    Item No: AG134
  • Telescopic Shears

    Telescopic Shears

    Safely trim high branches from the ground
    Item No: AG136
  • Rollator


    This seat walker lets you step steady and sit down anywhere you need to
    Item No: WW29
  • Anywhere Torch

    Anywhere Torch

    100,000 hours of super bright light
    Item No: EL20