Set Descending Direction
  • Ladies Copper Knee Support

    Ladies Copper Knee Support

    Help Keep Knees Warm & Pain-Free!
    Item No: BN83
  • Bathroom Suction Rail

    Bathroom Suction Rail

    8 Reviews
    Gain extra grip in the shower
    Item No: BA04
  • Cane Holder and Strap Set

    Cane Holder and Strap Set

    3 Reviews
    Walking Stick Holder
    Item No: WW05
  • Reflective Cane Holder

    Reflective Cane Holder

    5 Reviews
    Item No: WW62
  • Gel Therapy Cushion

    Gel Therapy Cushion

    7 Reviews
    It conforms to your body's contours
    Item No: CC09
  • Unisex Urinal

    Unisex Urinal

    The clever no-spill design allows instant relief for those who experience bladder weakness
    Item No: BA11
  • Memory Foam Car Seat Cushion

    Memory Foam Car Seat Cushion

    3 Reviews
    Enjoy ultimate comfort as you drive!
    Item No: CC57
  • Grab Reacher

    Grab Reacher

    4 Reviews
    This grabber helps eliminate the need for bending or straining
    Item No: TG13
  • Pressure Relief Cushion

    Pressure Relief Cushion

    3 Reviews
    It effectively relieves pressure on the tail-bone for a range of conditions
    Item No: CC31
  • Beads Ring Cushion

    Beads Ring Cushion

    Multi-purpose Support Pillow
    Item No: CC30
  • Walker Skis

    Walker Skis

    Increase the mobility and usability of your regular walker
    Item No: WW03
  • Wheelchair Liner

    Wheelchair Liner

    The lining will keep your wheelchair comfortable and dry
    Item No: WW09

Mobility Accessories

Do you need replacement wheels for your walker? Or a warm fleece liner for your wheelchair? Find the solution for your mobility plus find the perfect accessorises to go with it right here.Your wheelchair, walker or rollator is your means of transportation and, like a vehicle; it has to be equipped with the right parts to make it run safe, smoothly and efficiently. Scroll below for our full range of Wheelchair Accessories Products, and take a step towards mobility, comfort and individuality.

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