Set Descending Direction
  • Foldable Rollator

    Foldable Rollator

    It features a comfy padded bench seat for when you want to take a load off
    Item No: WW19
  • Alpha Rollator 25"

    Alpha Rollator 25"

    Still taller with this rollator!
    Item No: WW41
  • Alpha Rollator 22"

    Alpha Rollator 22"

    The outdoor seat walker allows for easy side fold
    Item No: WW40
  • Walker Wheels

    Walker Wheels

    Turn your usual walker into a wheel along dream
    Item No: WW12
  • Walker Skis

    Walker Skis

    Increase the mobility and usability of your regular walker
    Item No: WW03
  • Tri Wheel Rollator

    Tri Wheel Rollator

    A rollator that is easier to manoeuvre
    Item No: WW64
  • Heavy Duty Foldable Wheelchair

    Heavy Duty Foldable Wheelchair

    A Foldable Wheelchair that is tested up to 250 kilos
    Item No: WW65


We offer a wide variety of mobility aids that may be of significance when transporting individuals with special needs. These products range from walkers through to wheelchairs. We aim to provide you with the best quality walking aids equipment and service, and above all give you back your independence. Enjoy the freedom of movement and find out more about our specialised assistive equipment and technology today.

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