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  • Gel Therapy Cushion

    Gel Therapy Cushion

    8 Reviews
    It conforms to your body's contours
    Item No: CC09
  • Wheelchair


    Great for a trip to the shops, or for a portable wheelchair option
    Item No: WW16
  • Rollator


    This seat walker lets you step steady and sit down anywhere you need to
    Item No: WW29
  • Omega LA1 Wheelchair

    Omega LA1 Wheelchair

    Perfect for travel or even just trips to the shops
    Item No: WW36
  • Heavy Duty Foldable Wheelchair

    Heavy Duty Foldable Wheelchair

    A Foldable Wheelchair that is tested up to 250 kilos
    Item No: WW65


Aids for Daily Living offer a wide range quality, affordable wheelchairs, walkers and rollators because we understand that independence is mobility. Decreased mobility is a normal part of aging for many older people. The ability to travel is associated with freedom, activity and choice and being freely mobile with the aid of a wheelchair or Walkers.

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