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  • Far Infrared Back Support

    Far Infrared Back Support

    6 Reviews
    Ease back pain
    Item No: BN57
  • Back Rest Pillow

    Back Rest Pillow

    This back rest pillow promotes comfort and good posture.
    Item No: CC08
  • Hot and Cold Comfort Wrap

    Hot and Cold Comfort Wrap

    Soothing hot and cold wrap!
    Item No: BN56
  • Soodox Pain Relief Cream

    Soodox Pain Relief Cream

    Pain relief. Naturally
    Item No: AG124
  • Lumbar Support

    Lumbar Support

    The brace wraps around your lower back to provide effective support for your lumbar spine
    Item No: BN33
  • Mesh Back Support

    Mesh Back Support

    It cradles your back in comfort whilst maintaining correct posture
    Item No: CC48
  • Magnetic Health Insoles

    Magnetic Health Insoles

    Soothe and relax your body tension with every step!
    Item No: IA34
  • Lumbar Cushion

    Lumbar Cushion

    Keep your spine properly aligned
    Item No: CC86
  • Ladies Posture Corrector

    Ladies Posture Corrector

    Improve your posture and help ease back pain!
    Item No: BN80
  • Hot Cold Compress

    Hot Cold Compress

    Simply microwave to provide soothing heat to ease arthritis, aches or pain
    Item No: BN51
  • Painmaster


    Effectively stops pain as it helps naturally heal!
    Item No: AG123
  • Hot and Cold Wrap

    Hot and Cold Wrap

    Soothe aches & pains
    Item No: BN41

Back Support Products

Correct postural support is essential when relieving back pain; it also adds stability during activity. Our wide range of back support aids aim to correctly align your spine, shoulders, neck and pelvis. These products include, specially designed neck pillows, posture and lumbar supports, comfort wraps and adjustable backrests. Avoid further discomfort and find the right product for you.

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