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  • Magnesium Oil Spray

    Magnesium Oil Spray

    Relax aching muscles!
    Item No: CP04
  • Soodox Pain Relief Cream

    Soodox Pain Relief Cream

    Pain relief. Naturally
    Item No: AG124
  • Magnetic Knee Support

    Magnetic Knee Support

    Try our Knee Support for protection and support for the knee joint
    Item No: BN16
  • Sciatica Knee Brace

    Sciatica Knee Brace

    Wear discreetly under clothing!
    Item No: BN60
  • Knee Support

    Knee Support

    The knee support provides effective compression and support
    Item No: BN08

    Regular Price: $19.90

    Now $15.90

    20% OFF

  • Magnetic Knee Brace

    Magnetic Knee Brace

    Designed with a fully adjustable touch closure which lets you customise the compression and fit to suit you - perfect for men and women.
    Item No: BN35
  • Hot and Cold Wrap

    Hot and Cold Wrap

    Soothe aches & pains
    Item No: BN41
  • Bamboo Gel Knee Support S/M

    Bamboo Gel Knee Support S/M

    Help soothe and support sore knees today
    Item No: BN43
  • Leg Warmers and Elbow Warmers

    Leg Warmers and Elbow Warmers

    Keep your joints warm and protected from the winter chill.
    Item No: BN09
  • Knee Strap

    Knee Strap

    Effectively lessen strain on the knee and knee cap area
    Item No: BN10
  • Side Sleeper Pillow

    Side Sleeper Pillow

    It will help reduce shoulder pain when sleeping on your side.
    Item No: CC01
  • Miracle Balm Roll On

    Miracle Balm Roll On

    Relieve dry cracked skin... Fast!
    Item No: AG133

Knee Support Products

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