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  • Magnetic Back Support

    Magnetic Back Support

    Improve posture and help ease back pain
    Item No: BN74
  • Magnetic Neck Wrap

    Magnetic Neck Wrap

    This wrap aids heat retention and helps to ease muscle tension and stiffness
    Item No: BN02
  • Ladies Posture Corrector

    Ladies Posture Corrector

    Improve your posture and help ease back pain!
    Item No: BN80
  • Men’s Magnetic Back Support

    Men’s Magnetic Back Support

    Improve posture and help ease back pain
    Item No: BN74/M
  • Magnetic Ankle Wrap

    Magnetic Ankle Wrap

    These ankle supports are fully adjustable and may offer relief from pain.
    Item No: BN38
  • Magnetic Gloves

    Magnetic Gloves

    Help ease aching hands with these magnetic gloves.
    Item No: WH29

    Regular Price: $19.90

    Now $9.00

    55% OFF

  • Copper Magnetic Dress Bracelet

    Copper Magnetic Dress Bracelet

    Double the healing in one stylish bracelet
    Item No: JW01
  • Magnetic Copper Bracelet

    Magnetic Copper Bracelet

    An elegant accessory!
    Item No: BN59
  • Magnetic Knee Support

    Magnetic Knee Support

    Try our Knee Support for protection and support for the knee joint
    Item No: BN16
  • Knee Strap

    Knee Strap

    Effectively lessen strain on the knee and knee cap area
    Item No: BN10
  • Lumbar Support

    Lumbar Support

    The brace wraps around your lower back to provide effective support for your lumbar spine
    Item No: BN33
  • Magnetic Health Insoles

    Magnetic Health Insoles

    Soothe and relax your body tension with every step!
    Item No: IA34

Magnetic Therapy Products

Magnetic Therapy is an alternative drug-free remedy designed to aid pain relief and inflammation and dates back thousands of years. It is believed Magnetic therapy can assist in the relief of aches and pains, headaches, chronic pain and swelling. Scroll below for our full range of Magnetic Therapy Products. Read more about magnetic therapy in our learning center. - Aids for Daily Living do not claim that any magnetic product will cure any injury, nor should it be used as a substitute for medical care. They are not sold as medical devices.

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