Kettle Tipper (Kettle Cord)

Kettle Tipper (Kettle Cord)

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Pour heavy kettles - Safely

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Product Description
The Kettle Tipper allows you to pour your kettle safely, helping to minimize the risk of burns or accidents.

Never lift a heavy kettle again with this clever kitchen aid that prevents spillage and allows you to pour without help. Simply apply gentle pressure on the handle to pour hot water safely, reducing the risk of burns. When the kettle is empty, simply refill using a cup of water. Suited for most sized kettles, they sit in the Kettle Tipper cradle, secured safely with a Velcro strap. Not suitable for cordless kettles.
Product Detail
Dimensions26cm x 21cm x 19cm Weight: 405g
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Independence restored
By Judy on 22/03/2017
This enables me to make a hot drink without lifting my kettle anymore. I top up the water in the kettle with a cup and tip the kettle to pour. As the strength in my hands has diminished this makes such a huge difference to my daily life.
Excellent product - Kettle tipper
By Mary on 14/03/2017
This appliance is excellent for people like me with arthritis in hands and wrists as I find kettles too heavy to lift and hold.
I recommend it for anyone with this problem. I love it!
Use of kettle tipper.
By Barry white on 4/03/2017
I have a problem with heavy kettles etc, when making tea etc, It has been great help it takes all the weight while you only have to tip it, the ballance seems perfect and it is simple to use. The only difficulty IO find is transfering the kettle from it's base to the pourer. Some times the velcro is a bit awkward