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  • Bamboo Pressure Relief Cushion

    Bamboo Pressure Relief Cushion

    Sit for hours in blissful comfort
    Item No: CC63
  • In Chair Bicycle

    In Chair Bicycle

    Exercise from the comfort of your chair!
    Item No: ET59
  • Mini Stepper

    Mini Stepper

    Say in shape without leaving your chair.
    Item No: AG67
  • Grab Reacher

    Grab Reacher

    3 Reviews
    This grabber helps eliminate the need for bending or straining
    Item No: TG13
  • CPAP Pillow

    CPAP Pillow

    Luxurious and comfortable sleep apnoea pillow allows for a good night's sleep
    Item No: CC46
  • Anti-Odour Insoles

    Anti-Odour Insoles

    Keep feet fresh and dry all day long
    Item No: IA24
  • Therapy Egg Balls

    Therapy Egg Balls

    This is great for exercising hands, fingers and forearms
    Item No: ET06
  • Lumbar Support

    Lumbar Support

    The brace wraps around your lower back to provide effective support for your lumbar spine
    Item No: BN33
  • Hand Exerciser

    Hand Exerciser

    Improve strength and flexibility in your hands and fingers!
    Item No: ET07
  • Electric Pedometer

    Electric Pedometer

    Track your steps and burned calories!
    Item No: ET50
  • Electric Pedal Exerciser

    Electric Pedal Exerciser

    This equipment is ideal for those who can't walk or jog due to lack of mobility
    Item No: ET52
  • Pressure Relief Cushion

    Pressure Relief Cushion

    It effectively relieves pressure on the tail-bone for a range of conditions
    Item No: CC31

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Rehabilitation Equipment

Rehabilitation equipment is our specialty, supplying great quality therapy, exercise and rehabilitation equipment at the best prices, helping you perform better.

We here at Aids for Daily Living provide a holistic solution to customer's rehabilitation and wellness needs. Guided by our company mission, we provide easy access to cost effective and efficient physiotherapy, wellness and rehab equipment and services to the people who appreciate the value of a safe exercise regime and a healthful, physically-active lifestyle. Balance, coordination, strength, and fitness are all important focus areas we aim to obtain right through our lives. Our collection of exercise products aims to satisfy these and more

Rehab Equipment can help you with solutions for the treatment and prevention for a range of physical injuries. Injury is an unfortunate aspect of life, and sometimes when recovering from injuries and operations, we need a little help along the way. A safe return to our top form in the quickest possible time relies heavily on our rehabilitation. Our Rehabilitation Equipment range has been carefully selected, choosing only the products that will help you to perform better and improve your lifestyle. In this section you will find Exercise Bands, Resistance Exercisers, Pedal Exercises, Heat Therapies, Stretching Aids, Grip Strengtheners and much more.

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