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  • Miracle Gloves

    Miracle Gloves

    Relieve achy fingers, joints and knuckles
    Item No: WH34
  • Handi-Reacher-X Long 90cm

    Handi-Reacher-X Long 90cm

    Reacher’s in all sizes
    Item No: TG48
  • Contour Turner

    Contour Turner

    Contour Turner For Multiple Uses
    Item No: TG45

    Regular Price: $24.90

    Now $15.90

    36% OFF

  • Easi-Grip Scissors Round End

    Easi-Grip Scissors Round End

    Ideal for weak hands, arthritis and onehanded use.
    Item No: TG49
  • Sock Aid

    Sock Aid

    17 Reviews
    Put on your socks or stockings without bending or stretching
    Item No: DA04
  • Multi-Size Jar Opener

    Multi-Size Jar Opener

    22 Reviews
    You’ll never need another jar opener again!
    Item No: TG34
  • Easy Twist Grater

    Easy Twist Grater

    9 Reviews
    Ideal for weak hands! Grate anything easily.
    Item No: ED81
  • Compression Gloves

    Compression Gloves

    9 Reviews
    This uses the skin's natural heat to increase circulation and create a massaging effect
    Item No: WH02
  • Microfibre  Cleaning Strap

    Microfibre Cleaning Strap

    12 Reviews
    The deluxe loofah is s effective in reaching and thoroughly cleaning all over your body, while invigorating the skin
    Item No: BA62
  • Ergonomic Pens

    Ergonomic Pens

    9 Reviews
    for Steady Writing
    Item No: WH24
  • Ring Pull Opener

    Ring Pull Opener

    17 Reviews
    The clever J-hook design means much less effort is needed to open these often tricky cans
    Item No: TG33
  • Multi Function Power Grip

    Multi Function Power Grip

    5 Reviews
    This is ideal for people with arthritis or weak hands
    Item No: TG39

Arthritis Aids

Living with arthritis can be very constraining and cause difficulties in day to day life. Find ways to ease the pain by searching through our various creams, strap supports and braces. We also aim to increase productivity with our arthritis aids, designed for those daily tasks which have been restricted by arthritis. These products are used for common household items in the kitchen, garden, bedroom and bathroom.

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