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  • Bendable Teaspoon

    Bendable Teaspoon

    The teaspoon features a bendable head making food easier to scoop and bring to your mouth than traditional straight cutlery.
    Item No: ED29

    Regular Price: $12.90

    Now $6.45

    50% OFF

  • Eating Kit

    Eating Kit

    Maintain your independence with these adaptive kitchen aids
    Item No: ED12
  • Safety Door Knob Ring - Set Of 10

    Safety Door Knob Ring - Set Of 10

    These stickers glow in the dark, allowing you find the doorknob quickly and safely.
    Item No: TG18

Dementia Aids

Memory loss and dementia may affect more than just the individual involved, as this potentially long-term disease causes people to be quite reliant on others. We aim to make daily tasks more attainable for sufferers and their carers through several dementia aids and support products. Shop our Eating Kit product, which includes a non-spill cup, bendable spoon and rocker knife.

Shop Dementia Products at Aids For Daily Living today.