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  • Compression Gloves

    Compression Gloves

    This uses the skin's natural heat to increase circulation and create a massaging effect
    Item No: WH02
  •  Foot Scrubber

    Foot Scrubber

    23 Reviews
    This thoroughly cleans and revives your feet with no bending or twisting
    Item No: BA69
  • Bamboo Charcoal Soap Set Of 3

    Bamboo Charcoal Soap Set Of 3

    6 Reviews
    Helps soothe and nurture dry rough skin and more!
    Item No: AG81
  • Anti Fatigue Socketts

    Anti Fatigue Socketts

    These sheer socks aid circulation around the feet with gradual compression up to the ankle
    Item No: SS19
  • In Chair Pedaler

    In Chair Pedaler

    It’s a great way for people with limited mobility to start an exercise program
    Item No: ET24

    Regular Price: $39.90

    Now $29.90

    25% OFF

  • Lye Soap

    Lye Soap

    Just like mum used
    Item No: BA87
  • Compression Sock and Stocking Aid

    Compression Sock and Stocking Aid

    3 Reviews
    This clever sock helper will take the strain out of dressing
    Item No: DA23
  • Mini Stepper

    Mini Stepper

    Say in shape without leaving your chair.
    Item No: AG67
  • Extra Wide Knee High Stockings - Set of 2

    Extra Wide Knee High Stockings - Set of 2

    Extra Comfort
    Item No: SS46
  • Concealing Knee High Stockings

    Concealing Knee High Stockings

    They are designed to relieve pain and discomfort
    Item No: SS39
  • Diabetic Socks for Men

    Diabetic Socks for Men

    Designed to encourage circulation in the feet and legs
    Item No: SS24
  • Flight Socks

    Flight Socks

    They help improve blood flow and help to prevent fluid retention in the legs
    Item No: SS15

Diabetes Products

We aim to improve daily living for those affected by diabetes. Find comfort and relief in our range of health wellness and diabetes products such as natural soaps, thermal diabetic socks and our different types of exercise equipment. We aim to have all your comfort needs covered.

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