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  • Non Slip Massaging Shower Mat

    Non Slip Massaging Shower Mat

    6 Reviews
    Thoroughly clean your feet without bending!
    Item No: BA80
  • Orthopedic Wedge Cushion

    Orthopedic Wedge Cushion

    A car seat cushion that provides posture support while driving
    Item No: MV06
  • Absorbent Bath Mat

    Absorbent Bath Mat

    Non Slip Bath Mat
    Item No: BA38
  • Cane Holder and Strap Set

    Cane Holder and Strap Set

    Walking Stick Holder
    Item No: WW05
  • In Chair Pedaler

    In Chair Pedaler

    It’s a great way for people with limited mobility to start an exercise program
    Item No: ET24

    Regular Price: $39.90

    Now $29.90

    25% OFF

  • Reflective Cane Holder

    Reflective Cane Holder

    3 Reviews
    Item No: WW62
  • Bra Strap Cushion

    Bra Strap Cushion

    3 Reviews
    End painful pinching, chafing and slipping bra straps for good!
    Item No: DA07
  • Long Reach Weed Puller

    Long Reach Weed Puller

    Weed your garden without strenuous bending, kneeling or tugging
    Item No: AG31

    Regular Price: $24.90

    Now $12.45

    50% OFF

  • Long Reach Comfort Wiper

    Long Reach Comfort Wiper

    6 Reviews
    This long reach bottom wiper is a huge help for arthritis sufferers and those with similar ailments.
    Item No: BA05
  • Stable Cane

    Stable Cane

    It makes walking on uneven surfaces safe
    Item No: AG76

    Regular Price: $27.90

    Now $24.90

    11% OFF

  • Swallowing Pills Straw

    Swallowing Pills Straw

    A great solution for those who need to take regular medication but have difficulty swallowing tablets.
    Item No: ED02
  • Toilet Support Rail

    Toilet Support Rail

    Easily sit and rise from your toilet
    Item No: BA07

Frailty Aids

Today’s geriatric medicine is determining ways to increase productivity and decrease discomfort. Physical disposition or lack of strength in mature adults warrants joint disease, leading to the dependence of others in daily living. Improve quality of life and shop our different types of frailty aids.

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