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  • Lotion & Cream Applicator

    Lotion & Cream Applicator

    Wash and apply cream to hard to reach places!
    Item No: BA107
  • Button Hook & Zip Puller

    Button Hook & Zip Puller

    2-in-1 solution for pesky zips and buttons!
    Item No: DA44
  • Plastic Shoe Horn

    Plastic Shoe Horn

    43cm of extra reach!
    Item No: DA43
  • Handi Reacher - Long 76cm

    Handi Reacher - Long 76cm

    Reacher’s in all sizes
    Item No: TG47
  • Handi-Reacher-Standard 61Cm

    Handi-Reacher-Standard 61Cm

    Reacher’s in all sizes
    Item No: TG46
  • Contour Turner

    Contour Turner

    A turner for all uses.
    Item No: TG45
  • Dycem Jar Opener

    Dycem Jar Opener

    Non-slip for people who struggle to grip!
    Item No: TG43
  • Butterfly Cushion

    Butterfly Cushion

    Help relieve hip and lumbar pain
    Item No: CC55
  • Cushion In A Bag

    Cushion In A Bag

    Take Everywhere Cushion LOOKS LIKE A TOTE BAG!
    Item No: CC65
  • Static Duster

    Static Duster

    The secret behind the dusting power is delivered by the static electric fibres, that transforms these dusters into dust magnets. Instead of pushing dust around, like regular dusters the dust will “cling” to the fibres and lift dust away... And with three handy sizes, now you can clean every corner of your home, up high OR down low. When done, rinse and let dry and to re-charge simply brush across your TV or rub against a plastic bag... And use over and over again! Set of 3 includes: 1 x 11cm L, 1 x 65cm L, 1 x 26cm L.
    Item No: AG198
  • Bathroom Suction Rail

    Bathroom Suction Rail

    4 Reviews
    Gain extra grip in the shower
    Item No: BA04
  • Sock Aid

    Sock Aid

    4 Reviews
    Put on your socks or stockings without bending or stretching
    Item No: DA04

Immobility Aids

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