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  • Button Extenders

    Button Extenders

    Extend tight waistbands for all day comfort!
    Item No: DA42
  • Nose Clip - Reduce Snoring

    Nose Clip - Reduce Snoring

    6 Reviews
    Help improve your breathing and sleep!
    Item No: ET48
  • Snore Relief

    Snore Relief

    3 Reviews
    The mouth guard helps reduce heavy breathing and snoring
    Item No: AG30
  • Long Reach Comfort Wiper

    Long Reach Comfort Wiper

    9 Reviews
    This long reach bottom wiper is a huge help for arthritis sufferers and those with similar ailments.
    Item No: BA05
  • Grab Reacher

    Grab Reacher

    4 Reviews
    This grabber helps eliminate the need for bending or straining
    Item No: TG13
  • Extra Wide Toilet Seat

    Extra Wide Toilet Seat

    This is designed with an oversized width to ensure maximum comfort and support
    Item No: BA74
  • Ladies Easy Off Joggers

    Ladies Easy Off Joggers

    Easy on joggers!
    Item No: SS117
  • CPAP Pillow

    CPAP Pillow

    Luxurious and comfortable sleep apnoea pillow allows for a good night's sleep
    Item No: CC46
  • Brown Men’s Comfort Belt

    Brown Men’s Comfort Belt

    Forget belts that pinch and bind
    Item No: DA34
  • EZY-UPS White

    EZY-UPS White

    Is dressing a problem?
    Item No: DA36
  • Floral Foldable Cane

    Floral Foldable Cane

    Sturdy support wherever you go!
    Item No: WW67
  • Black Men’s Comfort Belt

    Black Men’s Comfort Belt

    Forget belts that pinch and bind
    Item No: DA33

Obesity Aids

Obesity associates with a number of health risks and increases the difficulty of daily living. Regain a sense of freedom and become self-reliant through our range of obesity aids and personal care products. Check out our online collection and learn more about our specially designed products, such as the luxurious CPAP pillow and snore relief guard.

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