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  • 12 LED Desk Lamp

    12 LED Desk Lamp

    Super bright cordless desk lamp.
    Item No: LL05
  • Folding Lightened  Magnifier

    Folding Lightened Magnifier

    Easily read fine print
    Item No: HE35
  • Cyber Ear

    Cyber Ear

    Don’t miss out on conversations ever again!
    Item No: HE40
  • Talking Scales

    Talking Scales

    3 Reviews
    These accurate scales announce your weight in a clear voice to save you bending down
    Item No: ET49
  • Phone Amplifier

    Phone Amplifier

    For clear conversing
    Item No: HE03

    Regular Price: $12.90

    Now $6.45

    50% OFF

  • Lens Buff

    Lens Buff

    Eliminate Annoying Scratches
    Item No: AG111
  • Therapy Egg Balls

    Therapy Egg Balls

    This is great for exercising hands, fingers and forearms
    Item No: ET06
  • Illuminated Magnifying Glass

    Illuminated Magnifying Glass

    You won't strain or squint with this magnifier
    Item No: HE33
  • Hearing Aid Cleaning Kit

    Hearing Aid Cleaning Kit

    Easy clean and maintenance
    Item No: HE53

    Regular Price: $19.90

    Now $9.95

    50% OFF

  • Men's Easy Read Watch

    Men's Easy Read Watch

    See the time at a glance!
    Item No: AG75
  • Hearing Aid Dehumidifier

    Hearing Aid Dehumidifier

    Extend the life of your hearing aid
    Item No: AG139
  • Reading Tray

    Reading Tray

    Read comfortably hands free!
    Item No: AG200

Sensory Loss Support

Sensory loss can affect each individual differently, the most common occurrence is deaf and blindness which increases the inability to function normally day to day. Having trouble seeing or hearing? Benefit from using our various range of assistive devices; aiding you to perform day to day tasks.

Shop Sensory Loss Products at Aids For Daily Living today.