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  • Contour Turner

    Contour Turner

    Contour Turner For Multiple Uses
    Item No: TG45

    Regular Price: $24.90

    Now $15.90

    36% OFF

  • Bathroom Suction Rail

    Bathroom Suction Rail

    10 Reviews
    Gain extra grip in the shower
    Item No: BA04
  • 4 in 1 Bottle Opener

    4 in 1 Bottle Opener

    14 Reviews
    Opens cans, caps, jars and bottles without the struggle and strain on your hands
    Item No: TG03
  • Stable Cane

    Stable Cane

    It makes walking on uneven surfaces safe
    Item No: AG76
  • Safe Sip - Single Pack

    Safe Sip - Single Pack

    Safe sip covers most size glasses, mugs and cans.
    Item No: ED87
  • Hand Grips

    Hand Grips

    Try it and create a soft, easy to hold handle for weak or arthritic hands.
    Item No: ED39
  • Kettle Tipper (Kettle Cord)

    Kettle Tipper (Kettle Cord)

    4 Reviews
    Pour heavy kettles - Safely
    Item No: ED38

    Regular Price: $19.90

    Now $14.90

    25% OFF

  • Button Hook & Zip Puller

    Button Hook & Zip Puller

    2-in-1 solution for pesky zips and buttons!
    Item No: DA44
  • Dycem Bottle Opener

    Dycem Bottle Opener

    Ensure a good seal when closing bottles!
    Item No: TG44
  • Dycem Jar Opener

    Dycem Jar Opener

    Non-slip for people who struggle to grip!
    Item No: TG43
  • Bendable Teaspoon

    Bendable Teaspoon

    The teaspoon features a bendable head making food easier to scoop and bring to your mouth than traditional straight cutlery.
    Item No: ED29

    Regular Price: $12.90

    Now $6.45

    50% OFF

  • Extra Wide Toilet Seat

    Extra Wide Toilet Seat

    This is designed with an oversized width to ensure maximum comfort and support
    Item No: BA74

    Regular Price: $69.90

    Now $49.90

    29% OFF

Tremor Aids

For those who suffer from tremors, we aim to provide you with innovative technology and service, and above all give you back your independence. We offer a wide range of tremor aids and products to assist with daily living. Shop our online store and learn more about our specially designed products - particularly in the kitchen, such as our kettle tipper, specialised can openers, eating kits and many more.

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